About SEO Brainiac

SEO Brainiac is the official blog of the Silver Fox Digital company, created with the desire to share the knowledge and experience gained in the career of a digital marketing specialist.


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Who is behind the SEO Brainiac website

Founded by Miloš Mudrić, SEO specialist with over 8 years of experience in the industry, SEO Brainiac was created with the desire and need to test and share the knowledge acquired in the field of SEO. The idea behind this blog is to clear out many of the concerns, dispel myths, and guide everyone into the world of SEO and Digital Marketing.

Miloš Mudrić first stepped into the digital marketing world with a Facebook campaign that he created for the private classes he held during his college years. His first real job was at the Australian agency DejanSEO, where he gained deep knowledge and vast experience in the field. He continued to develop professionally as an in-house specialist and freelancer.

Our Mission

Our mission is to completely disrupt the way SEO campaigns are approached. From the way clients search for SEO services, to SEO specialists’ take on campaigns, our goal is to set high standards through education as a prerequisite for success. We dive into our campaigns with the same attitude thus providing our customers with greater online visibility based on a strategic approach. Considering the specifics and virtues of our clients, as well as the role of SEO in the overall strategy and characteristics of our clients’ industries, we can utilize the full potential of our clients to gain greater organic visit, popularize their brand, products, and services and increase visitors’ conversion into customers.