Funny SEO roles found in Job Ads

How many times have you run into an SEO job add that made you laugh or roll your eyes the moment you saw it? I am not referring to the content of the advertisement or the requirements expected of a future employee, but only to the title of the job post. With a desire to…

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SEO in the Era of Applied IoT

IoT, or the Internet of Things, is an industry that is still in its infancy. We are far from the life envisioned in the movie "Back to the Future", where everything around us is connected and automated. Smart houses or smart cities are the first things that pop up in one's mind instead of industrial…

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SEO Problems: Crawl Budget and Indexing of Big Sites

In the past, we have written about site indexing and the changes that Google introduces to indexing mobile and then desktop site versions. This text could be considered as a sequel to this article that discusses the term "Crawl Budget". To make things clearer, we will begin by explaining how indexing works in general. How…

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