SEO Problems: Crawl Budget and Indexing of Big Sites

In the past, we have written about site indexing and the changes that Google introduces to indexing mobile and then desktop site versions. This text could be considered as a sequel to this article that discusses the term "Crawl Budget". To make things clearer, we will begin by explaining how indexing works in general. How…

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The Definition of Creativity in SEO

Adult sites as add platforms instead of Google and Facebook? Yes, someone did it and the results beat all the odds!   Marketing of any kind requires the use of a mix of skills, the most important of which are analytical skills, knowledge of psychology and creativity. Since I have worked in the field of digital…

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How to Choose an In-House SEO Specialist

This article is the third part of the series about hiring SEO services. If you are wondering whether it is better to hire an agency or an SEO specialist, I suggest you read the first article of the series. In case you have decided to hire an SEO specialist, you will have to determine the…

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